Exploring Devils Jump Overlook


We love finding and revisiting places with amazing overlooks! Devil’s Jump Overlook is located just a few minutes from the Blue Heron Mining Camp in Big South Fork National Recreation Area. This overlook offers an amazing view of the Cumberland River!

Exploring Devils Jump Overlook

Some of our hikes are too long or have too many steps for people with health issues, but Devil’s Jump Overlook is only .1 miles from your car down to the overlook. The path is paved and wide making it easy to navigate with a stroller. It is a bit of a hill but there are no steps or gravel. Take your time if you feel the need, but this overlook is well worth the stop!


devils jump overlook

The overlook may be reached by following the directional signs for Blue Heron from Stearns to Hwy 742, taking Hwy 742 west and following the directional signs to the gorge overlooks.



Devils Jump Overlook

We have visited this overlook several times in the past and of course I insist on getting a family picture taken by any random stranger that happens to be there at the time. This picture from 2012 is taken in the same place and shows just how much the kids are growing!

devils jump overlook 2012

Devils Jump Overlook 2016

If you drive a little past the overlook, you will find restrooms.

Devils Jump Overlook

Have you ever been to the Devils Jump Overlook? I definitely want to visit again when the leaves start turning the gorgeous colors of Fall!

Directions to Devils Jump Overlook

Devils Jump Overlook is located about 20 minutes from Whitley City on 742.

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