Colors of Spring in Kentucky

colors of spring in ky

One of the beautiful things about the United States is that Spring comes in bursts. Each region has different colors and unique trees and flowers. Here are some colors of Spring in Kentucky this past week – right in my own backyard.

I love taking pictures of all the flowers in my backyard and keep a Flower Journal. I’d love for you to take a virtual walk through my gardens with me!

Colors of Spring in Kentucky

Colors of Spring in Kentucky
Colors of Spring in Kentucky
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2013-04-10 13.46.38

What does Spring look like in your part of the nation? I’d love to see!

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  1. Great photos and cute kids! I took a few photos last week and posted on my Facebook page of Spring flowers in Ohio – sadly it was so cold that one of my flowering bushes is wilting again. Our poor natural habitat is confused about what season it is! I love Spring in Ohio (and I bet Kentucky it’s even better!) but I’m already ready for “summer” here, meaning at least 70s 😉 lol.

    1. Yep! Can you tell I love my yard? Every year I dream about spring and the flowers!!! I’m at least a month behind on our growing season according to last years blooms. But it’s gorgeous for sure!!

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