Climbing Lighthouses in the US


There are many people who are fascinated with lighthouses. Some just enjoy looking at them and walking around them to appreciate the view. Others are on a mission and make climbing lighthouses in the US their travel goals. My family climbed to the top of the Pensacola Lighthouse a few years ago. But there are many more lighthouses to climb.

Climbing Lighthouses in the US

5 Tips for Climbing Lighthouses

  • Wear tennis shoes or go barefoot. No flip flops are allowed when climbing. There is a designated “flip flop parking” area before you climb. It is much safer to climb barefoot than with open heel flip flops
  • People coming down have the right-of-way. I don’t know if this is true at all lighthouses, but at the Pensacola lighthouse this is a MUST.  The stairs are very narrow with a handle only on the wall.  When you are coming down, you absolutely need the rail.  So those who are climbing, just move over to the inside and hold on to the step above you.
  • Kids are allowed but must have help.  We took our 2 boys on the climb to the top.  Our 10 year old had no problem.  Our 5 year old did fine as well but we kept a close hold on his hand to make sure he didn’t accidentally slip.  A slip on these stairs would mean a pretty nasty fall.
  • Take your time.  This is not a race to the top.  There are several landing areas in most lighthouses.  Take advantage of them to catch your breath and rest.
  • Enjoy the view.  When you get to the top, take your time and enjoy the view.  It’s amazing what you can see from the top.

Here are a few bloggers who have written about their visits to lighthouses in the United States. Take a minute and go visit them so you can plan your next lighthouse adventure.

Pensacola Lighthouse

Interested in climbing a lighthouse?

Check out these tips from real people who have climbed these beautiful lighthouses!

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  1. Lighthouses must be on the brain. We’ve visited several in the last weeks as well. No climbing this time, didn’t think I needed the extra cardio from carrying the babies up with me 🙂

  2. Awesome post. My husband and I have a hobby of climbing lighthouses. The ones above are places we have visited. Great site to see again some of my favorite places. Thanks Sharon for sharing on State by State. Thanks for including me in this list.

  3. I love lighthouses and I have seen a few in N.J. and Maine but I never thought about it but I have seen them from outside but have never been inside of one. I will have to make sure I make sure that I go in one the next time I am at one or near one.

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