Been There. Done That. Map

If you love to travel, then you probably love to keep up with where you’ve been. Maybe you need a Been There. Done That map.

When I was young, my mom drew an outline of the United States on paper and colored in the states every time we visited that state for the first time. I have that map in my childhood scrapbook.

Maps That Fit
Here’s some tips for creating a map that fits your travel style !

After I got married, I did a crossstitch map and started filling in the states with a different color after my husband and I visited. I’m planning to mark them with some kind of symbol or star showing when each of our kids visited as well. (So far, I haven’t gotten to that yet…. but it’s on my to-do list.) One of our family goals is to visit each of the 50 states before the kids graduate. We’ve got a good start but there’s alot to see in the next 8 years!

I saw one RV in a campground that had a map of the US on the back of their camper. That was one way they kept up with their travels.

Facebook has an app that lets you show where in the world you have been. Click here for more information. I’ve not used this application. Have you found one that you like?

Some people use a wall map and pushpins to mark the places they’ve been.

What about you? Do you keep a Been There. Done That. Map ? I’d love to hear how you mark your travels.

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