4 Travel Tips to Stay Sane & Safe

If you are planing to do some travel, following a few simple tips can save you time, money, and a lot of aggravation. Whether travelling home or abroad, keep these tips in mind before heading out your front door:

Make a List

Before packing, make a list of everything you will need for your trip. You won’t want to spend the time and money on items you left sitting at home.

If you are travelling to a warm location, remember to pack your sunscreen, mosquito spray, sun hat, swim masks, sandals, swim suit, and sunglasses. If you are going to a colder destination, you will need your sweaters and gloves.

Be sure to list things like your camera, hairdryer, batteries, toothbrush, mobile phone charger and any medication, books and magazines you want to take.

Keep All Travel Documents Safe

Nothing can ruin a vacation faster than a forgotten passport, ID card, or driver’s licence. It is important to store your travel documents in an accessible and safe location during your travels to, and from, your destination. Many people opt to store their documents in a Travel Document Wallet for safe keeping.

Also be sure to create duplicate copies of your travel documents so you can give one to a friend or family member back home and keep a back up copy in your room’s safe so if anything happens to the originals you have a copy.

You may also want to be sure to pack any vaccination records depending on your destination. A prescription for any medication you are travelling with is also a good idea as you may need to get a refill while travelling, and you may also be questioned about the type of medications you are carrying before boarding your flight.


Be Aware of Your Destinations Security and Regulations

As we mentioned earlier, travelling can create some unexpected circumstances. If travelling abroad, be sure to find out what identification and medical records you will need to carry. Find out if there are any banned substances or items you may not think of that you may not be able to travel with.


Saving Suitcase Space

In order to save baggage fees and make your trip lighter, try using Space Saver Travel Bags
travel bags to compress your clothing and create more room in your suitcase. The bags are see through so you will be able to identify what’s in each bag. It is an idea to keep similar items together in the same bag (e.g. socks together, shirts, etc).

When packing shoes, stuff as many small items inside them as possible. Items such as cameras, hairbrushes, and batteries easily fit inside the shoes to save on space.

If you think you will be bringing home more than you are taking with you, be sure to think ahead for it and leave extra room in your suitcase.

You may also send items from your destination to yourself (or a loved one) at home, eliminating the need to worry about saving extra room in your suitcase for holiday purchases.

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