travel memories

Travel Memories

We all have those classic shots that capture travel memories without having to say one word. Each Saturday morning, Michelle and I post photos that express emotion, tell a story or make you wish you could be there. Make sure you hop over to A Local Wander to see what travel memories she is sharing!

View from Empire State Building

View from Empire State Building

View from Empire State Building

View from Empire State Building - looking straight down!

Photos used by permission from Shannon Williams

What do you think of this travel memory photo? Do you want to hop into the picture and join in the fun? What’s your favorite travel memory photo? I’d love to see!

If you would like to have your travel memory photo used,email it to Sharon and I will schedule it for one of our weekly Travel Memories posts. If you are a blogger, you will get a free link back to your blog below the photo.

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  1. August 13, 2014  2:16 pm by Cami Reply

    It seems that when we travel the memories seem to really stick in my kids' minds. I think their memory is the sunset on the beach in San Diego. They still talk about it...

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  3. August 28, 2015  2:07 pm by Rebecca Bryant Reply

    I look at pictures and want to be there again. I love seeing our memories in photos.

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