Cost 2 Drive Fuel Calculator

When you plan a road trip, there are many things to consider. How much food to take, where you will stay or what luggage you should pack. However, some people forget to calculator how much gas they will need to buys. There are many options online and for smart phones that will help you determine the cost of fuel. Cost 2 Drive Fuel Calculator is a simple free web that […]


GPS Portable Mount

My husband and I both love technology. That’s why it’s funny that it took us so long to get a GPS for the van. I guess we just figured that a map was the best way to find where we were going and we didn’t need a GPS to get us there. But once we got the GPS, we were hooked. Then we found the most handy accessory – the […]


Meet in the Middle with Rendeznew

Have you ever wanted to meet with some friends or family members and suggested that you all just meet somewhere in the middle? Maybe you want to have a birthday dinner with out of town friends but can’t decide where the most central location is? There is a great free resource that helps you figure this out. Here’s how to meet in the middle with Rendeznew.