Southern Indiana Local Highlights

We did some traveling through Indiana recently. Since Indiana’s Lincoln slogan is “Here I grew up”, I knew it would be helpful to hear from someone who actually grew up in southern Indiana. Here’s a local friend who has some tips and favorite Southern Indiana local highlights.


Indiana Dunes State Park

We told our kids that we were going to drive up to a state park this past week. Since we regularly visit our nation’s parks, they weren’t quite sure why we had to travel an extra 3 hours out of our way to visit another state park. Imagine their surprise when we pulled into the Indiana Dunes State Park and saw Lake Michigan and the sand dunes. What an amazing […]


Traveling the Boring Roads

Two summers ago my kids discovered some really boring stretches of road. We were traveling from Louisville, KY up toward Indianapolis on I65. We decided to take a side trip (like we often do when we’re out on adventures) and drive over to see the longest covered bridge in the United States. We discovered once again that when traveling the boring roads it takes some creativity to make fun memories.