Rock House Natural Bridge - Jamestown, KY

Don’t you love it when you find an unexpected treasure near where you live? This past week our family took a quick drive less than an hour from our home and discovered one of the coolest natural bridges we have ever seen. We have of course hiked to the Natural Bridge in Red River Gorge several times but I had no idea we were going to find this Natural Arch in our […]


Hiking Grand Canyon with Kids

I love going hiking with my kids. We regularly grab our light backpack, a bottle of water, snack bar and head out to a local hiking trail. But hiking Grand Canyon with kids is definitely not something we’ve done. Michelle from A Local Wander took her kids on a hike to remember a few weeks ago.


Natural Bridge Hiking Tips - Kentucky

If you live in Kentucky, you need to hike to the top of the Natural Bridge in Slade, KY (about 45 minutes east of Lexington). This is a KY state park with a natural rock arch and an amazing hike. We have been several times in the last few years and it’s always worth the hike. But there are a few tips to make your next hiking trip to Natural […]


Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina

A few years ago, my family visited Grandfather Mountain in Linville, North Carolina (about 70 miles from Asheville). This is an amazing vacation destination – but not for the faint of heart. By the time you get to the top of the mountain, you literally feel like you are on top of the world.