Have you ever wanted to meet with some friends or family members and suggested that you all just meet somewhere in the middle? Maybe you want to have a birthday dinner with out of town friends but can’t decide where the most central location is? There is a great free resource that helps you figure this out. Here’s how to meet in the middle with Rendeznew.

Meet in the Middle with Rendeznew

This is a lightweight site that requires no download or registration. You simply enter up to 4 locations and click the button. It will immediately show on a google map screen the locations you have entered and show you where the central meeting point is.


How things work (it’s simple!)…
Enter as many as four starting points, landmarks, friends’ addresses, etc., and a search term for the type of place where you’d like to meet (or try one of the other tabs for suggestions that we have come up with).
Hit the rendeznew button and get ready to meet in the middle.


You can adjust the arrow if you want to find different options.


This is a great little tool that can really help on your next road trip. Have you ever used a program like this? Is this something you can see helping you plan an outing? I’d love to hear!

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