When’s the last time you took a step on a trolley car, boarded a life size steamboat, or walked the streets of a town area in the 1800s? Have your kids seen the bones of a mammoth, walked through a time machine or figured out how to reroute a river? This weekend my kids and family did all this and much more. We visited the Cincinnati Museum Center. We saw so many amazing things that it’s going to take more than one day to share it with you. So today I’ll start with our visit to the Cincinnati History Museum.

Cincinnati History Museum

The title of this museum might be Cincinnati History Museum, but you don’t have to be a native from OH to appreciate the exhibits. My kids were thrilled with the intricate display of how Cincinnati looked in different times. There are so many details that you should look for. We found 5 plastic army men while viewing the exhibits. I know there are specific activities that you can sign up for to help your children enjoy more of the museum. They are an additional charge for non-members but are included in a membership pass. You can check out the Detective Agency, Scavenger Hunts, I Spy and more here.

Cincinnati History Museum

Starting the tour at the Cincinnati History Museum

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