Eight Things Every Tourist Needs: Part Two #traveltips

Did you catch the first four things every tourist needs in this series? If you haven’t already, be sure to read Eight Things Every Tourist Needs: Part 1 before you read Part 2. Here are four more things to add to the list that every tourist needs. What Every Tourist Needs #5 – A Camera Whether you choose to use your phone or a more sophisticated camera, you will want […]


Eight Things Every Tourist Needs: Part One #traveltips

Whether you are touring a new city by foot, car or public transportation, there are several things that every tourist needs. You can get by without a lot of things, but if you are missing these 8 essentials, your vacation is probably not going to be a successful experience.


Our 40 Hour Vacation

How much vacation fun can you squeeze into 40 hours? Our family just proved that you can do quite a lot in a 40 hour window! We took a 40 hour, 1000 mile, 3 state vacation and made memories that will last a lifetime! I thought you would enjoy riding along on our 40 Hour Vacation!


Travel the World Quiz

Today we’re going on a world tour, but don’t worry. You won’t need your passport or any money! This is more of a virtual tour to see some of the amazing sights around the world! Take the quick 10 question quiz and see how you do! This Travel the World Quiz won’t take you very long and you’ll get a glimpse at some places and things you may have never […]


Travel Challenge - Famous Places

How well do you know the famous places of the world? How high is your Travel IQ? Here’s a great way to have some fun and test your knowledge? I will admit that I didn’t do so well! Leave a message and brag about how you did! Then make sure you share this Travel Challenge with your friends and see if you are smarter than they are! Travel Challenge – […]