10 Museums Worth Visiting On Museum Day

If you are a fan of museums, then you will love the article we have for you today. We have rounded up 10 of the coolest museums that you may not know about. Museum Day is coming up towards the end of this month, so it’s time to start thinking about what museums might interest you and your family most.


4 Tips To Finding The Best Local Restaurants While On Vacation

Have you ever been on vacation and wanted to find one of the many great local restaurants that most towns have? Sometimes you are just not in the mood for a tourist attraction or themed restaurant, though I admit that I like those, too. There are some people who love to eat at chain restaurants because they always know what to expect. But there are other travelers who want to […]


How To Get A U.S. Passport

If you are a new traveler, you may not understand what you need to get from country to country. For instance, you may have no idea how to get a passport. We have traveled inside our country a little, but never really outside the country, so this was not something that we needed to know previously. However, we shall soon be empty nesters and we plan to start traveling more […]


State By State Travel: A New Way to Plan Your Vacation

Are you already dreaming of your next vacation? Do you find yourself wishing you had your toes in the sand while the waves wash in over your beach chair? Have you always imagined yourself hiking down in to the Grand Canyon or visiting Mt. Rushmore and want this to be the year? Then you need to need to browse around State By State Travel! State by State Travel is designed […]


4 Tips For Exploring Your Own Backyard

Do you ever get the craving to take a road trip? Some people have salt water in their veins and have this compulsion to visit the beach, but I just need the open road. I can always tell when we haven’t been out on an adventure in a while because life gets really boring and my outlook gets kind of dreary. If you need a road trip, but can’t afford […]