Used Book Stores Across the Nation

When we hop in the van to take a road trip, we always make sure that everyone has at least one or two books to read. Since there are five of us in the family, we definitely have to find a way to save on the price of books. That’s why we love used books stores. But some used books stores across the nation are better than others. Here are […]


American Museum of Science and Energy

A few years ago, we were driving toward Knoxville, TN and saw a sign for the American Museum of Science and Energy. We decided to stop and take a tour. It was such a unique visit that we went back again a few years later when the kids were a bit older. My friend Amy took a family vacation day a while back and toured the Museum and surrounding area. […]


Aquarium Tips and Reviews

My family enjoys going to visit Aquariums. There’s just so much to see and experience. Aquariums are much more than just a few tanks with fish. Many of them have glassed in tanks where you can walk under the fish and see what life looks like under the water. You can see and learn about different ecosystems and under water creatures. Aquarium Tips and Reviews Tips for your Visit Be […]


Knoxville Sunsphere and Worlds Fair Park

Have you ever driven past a landmark or tourist destination many times until you finally decide that today is the day to explore? We have driven through the city of Knoxville many times over the past 15 years and seen the shiny sunsphere towering over the downtown skyline and never stopped till this past summer. The kids and I took a couple of hours to drive down and explore the […]


Norris Dam State Park, Tennessee

We have driven past the sign for Norris Dam State Park many times over the years, but this last weekend we finally decided to drive over and see the first major project for the Tennessee Valley Authority (mid-1930’s). We didn’t quite know what all was there, but we needed a stretch break and were ready to learn a little history while we discovered some pretty scenery.