Niagara Falls Side Trips That Are Totally Worth Your While

Have you ever planned to make a trip to Niagara Falls? If so, you might be wondering what else there is that you can do in the area to make it an extended trip. There are lots of different Niagara Falls side trips that you can do that are totally worth your while!   Read the Full Article Here: Side Trips From Niagara Falls That Are Totally Worth Your While


How To Eat In NYC For Under $25 A Day

Many years ago I added traveling to New York City to my dream board, but the more I researched going – it seemed that it was going to be super expensive! There are so many things to see, do, and eat and it is truly a dream trip for many people. Cutting down your budget in one area can allow you to spend more in another area and for our […]


Pictures Of Hard Rock Cafe Times Square NY

Last month when I went to NYC, I made a point to visit Times Square. I was pleased to find a Hard Rock Cafe there. Any of you that know me may know about my obsession with the chain of restaurants. Anytime we go on vacation, I try to see if there is a Hard Rock Cafe in the area so that I can visit. If you are fan like […]


Relax With These Coney Island Beach Pictures

Earlier this week we talked about our recent visit to Coney Island and we shared out sunset pics from the rooftop of the restaurant Tom’s Coney Island. Today, we want to share with you some pictures of Coney Island Beach.


Coney Island Sunset Pictures: View From Tom's Coney Island Restaurant

Last month I went to a pre-screening for Ant-Man hosted by Paul Rudd and Disney. It was my first trip to NYC, so while I was there, I decided to make the most of it. We stayed in Brooklyn and decided to take a trip to Coney Island. I love beaches and lot of lights so this seemed like exactly something I would like. And, I have to say, I […]