A Visit to America’a First Zoo – The Philadelphia Zoo

The Philadelphia Zoo sits on 42-acres of land and is home to more than 1,300 animals, many of them rare and/or endangered. With animals such as Cheetahs, hippos, giraffes and so many more, the Philadelphia Zoo is one of the leading family attractions in the city and it brought in over 1.35 million visitors last year alone.


Touring The Eastern State Penitentiary #VisitPhilly

The first time I had ever heard of the Eastern State Penitentiary was on an episode of Ghost Adventures a few years ago. I’m a life-long Boston girl who had never been to Philadelphia before, so I really didn’t know anything about Philly other than the fact that Rocky ran up some stairs there. But over the past few years I have seen a few other ghost hunting type shows that were filmed […]


Visiting The Elmwood Park Zoo In Norristown, PA

When you go on vacation, you tend to go to tourist locations: historical sites, aquariums, museums, zoos, and adventure excursions. However, you don’t need to be on vacation to do these things. Have you visited these “tourist” locations in your own backyard? You should!


The Coolest Mountain Biking Trails in Pennsylvania

In case you are a keen spinner that has never tried cycling in the Great Outdoors, we definitely recommend heading for Pennsylvania for an über-cool mountain biking experience. Why head out into verdant terrain to maximize your workout? Here are just a few of the many reasons.


Couples Resort: The Land Of Love In The Poconos

Have you been on a vacation since your honeymoon? Spent a whole weekend just the two of you? Time alone as a couple is important for a healthy relationship. Even if you don’t have kids, it is hard to find time to truly concentrate on your relationship with all of the other distractions in your life – work, family, friends, pets. This is why a vacation at a couples resort […]