Honeymoon Packing Checklist

You don’t want to get on your honeymoon, laid out at the beach with your new spouse … only to realize you forgot your sunblock. Your options: turn red as the lobster you’re about to eat tonight and not snuggle with your new hubby at night, head inside to your hotel room until nightfall, or buy a big flopping hat that will protect you (even if it does block your vision).


5 Helpful Summer Vacation Packing Tips

Summer is such a fun time to take a vacation … but it’s not as fun if you have to debate between bringing an extra dress or another pair of shoes. With those types of decisions, packing can be stressful. But don’t worry. If you follow these 5 Helpful Summer Vacation Packing Tips, you’ll be able to pack everything you want — and still have room for souvenirs too. You can […]