Grenada is a Caribbean island nation located almost exactly half way between Trinidad and Tobago and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. It is comprised of one main island and 6 smaller islands surrounding it. Because of this hilly island’s nutmeg plantations, it’s often referred to as the “Spice Isle”. With its varied landscape, beaches, and tourism draws, there are no shortage of things to do in Grenada. We are heading to Grenada later this year, so I thought I would share some things to do there. Also, if you guys have any suggestions of what we should do and see, please let us know.

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  1. September 8, 2015  10:24 am by Rebecca Bryant Reply

    What a beautiful place to visit. I will make it there one day.

  2. September 8, 2015  3:40 pm by Tamara Reply

    I've never been to any Caribbean islands but it's never far from my mind - especially during our terrible New England winters. Spice Isle! I'd love it.

    • September 11, 2015  7:19 am by Dawn McAlexander Reply

      You know, I have been to the Caribbean, but never to New England. I definitely must visit one day. :)

  3. September 8, 2015  5:12 pm by Jennifer B Reply

    I have always wanted to go to the Caribbean! This sounds like a dream vacation!

  4. September 8, 2015  9:17 pm by Lorane Rhoden Reply

    These are all great recommendations. Definitely go to the Beach .. go hiking because of the mountainous terrain and be sure to check out a nutmeg plantation ( if you can ) and indulge in a local Nutmeg Treat

    • September 11, 2015  7:18 am by Dawn McAlexander Reply

      The nutmeg plantation sounds like a great idea. It's different and historical - both things that I like. And the beach is a must. Thanks for the tips.

  5. September 8, 2015  11:13 pm by Liz Mays Reply

    I would love to spend some time there. It just seems like there are so many fun things to do!

  6. September 12, 2015  4:46 pm by Amanda || Growing Up Madison Reply

    While I've only intransit in Grenada, its pretty close to where we vacation almost every year. I would love to go and do a bit more one day.

  7. September 13, 2015  2:11 am by Onica (MommyFactor) Reply

    Grenada is a lovely island. Besides enjoying the culture, I now know some other things to do there.

  8. September 14, 2015  6:59 pm by Mireille Reply

    My family is from the Caribbean and I have always wanted to visit Grenada. It is supposed to be one of the most beautiful islands

  9. September 16, 2015  12:59 pm by Maggie Reply

    I just got back from Grenada! It was AWESOME. I'll be blogging and vlogging (1-3 videos) on my adventures there. We did a ton in 3 days and hit a lot of things that aren't mainstream touristy that a few med students helped me find!

    My instagram Is also filled with pictures -- it was a gorgeous place

    • September 17, 2015  4:11 pm by Dawn McAlexander Reply

      Thanks for sharing. You should let us know where you went and what you suggest people doing there. I am very excited about my trip there later this year.

  10. September 17, 2015  7:27 pm by Helene Cohen Bludman Reply

    I have been to the Caribbean but not Granada. It looks and sounds amazing. I would love to go someday.

  11. June 9, 2016  11:06 pm by Lois Alter Mark Reply

    I haven't been to Grenada but this post totally makes me want to plan a trip. It looks beautiful and sounds like a really special place.

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